Multiple Camera, GUI and touch detection

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Multiple Camera, GUI and touch detection

Postby archer3cl » Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:54 pm

Im trying to detect diferente gestures using multiple cameras.

Using unity 5.6, my setup is 1 Main Camera, for in game elements [2d gameobjects] and 1 UI Camera, for GUI objects [Canvas, buttons, text, etc]

In my setup i have objects using the Tap and Transform gestures (represented by the red circles in the image).
The main camera has a Flick gesture a Full Screen Layer and a Standard Layer.
The main camera detects de Flick to move its transform left-right.
Finally my UI (represented by the black bar in the image) is a button carousel that can move left-right swiping the screen.

  • If a have both cameras active, the gesture detection is not working. If i disable the UI Camera it works but obviously i cant show my UI
  • As i mentioned, my UI moves swiping the screen but im not using touchscript for this behavior. So if i swipe on my UI, the Flick event also triggers. Is there a way to avoid this region/component to trigger the Flick gesture

I hope a made myself clear and you can help solving this issues
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Re: Multiple Camera, GUI and touch detection

Postby valyard » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:05 pm

Can you check layer ordering on TouchManager component? Most likely the FullscreenLayer just blocks other layers.
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