Best way to stretch / scale in V8.3?

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Best way to stretch / scale in V8.3?

Postby fritsl » Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:30 pm


There's an old tread on this topic, relating to Version 7 here:

I'm new and at 8.3, and I want to stretch, and would just like to know if any experienced user would hint on the best place to hook / replace / (?) to do a stretch scale? :)


For details:

'Box on ground -> Finger on box, Arrow appears next to box, pointing towards box -> Arrow is controlled by Touch -> Move finger around box & Arrow spins around -> Move finger out from Box, and Arrow should _stretch_ -> Game: Let go of Arrow, and box is 'slingshot' in direction of arrow.

I can do it all: Pinned Transform Gesture + Transformer.cs -> Only problem: Arrow scales on 3 axis, only need Z

I can hack and insert ugly, but I'd love to know if you know where / how to most optimal hack this?

Thanks a bunch, it's much appreciated :)
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