Concatenate two or more gestures

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Concatenate two or more gestures

Postby ireth86 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:18 pm

Hi all,
I'd like to know if there is a way to concatenate gestures (LongPress and then ScreenTransform, in my case).

In my application, I have a "container" gameobject, in which there are many images. Since the number of images is high, this container has the ScreenTransformGesture assigned, so that I can scroll it in some direction to see all the images.
But, also, I'd like to do this on single images:
1) long press on single image (LongPress should "activate" ScreenTransform someway)
2) drag the image around, without pulling off my finger from the screen.

It's basically as you can see in iOS devices, when you want to move an icon in the menu.
So, I have to be sure that when the user wants to drag the container, images don't block the container's gesture; but, only when LongPress happens, something fires ScreenTransform with the touch information of the user's finger that is already on the screen.

I already tried some workarounds (like disabling ScreenTransform until LongPress happens, or trying to handle manually the concatenation), but none of these works as I would, and maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Thank you in advance for any advice.
Best regards
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