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Pinch to zoom

Postby ShashankG2w » Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:40 am


I've been trying to make my 2D camera zoom on 2 finger pinch, by changing it orthographicSize on the fly. I succeeded in doing it in the Camera example that came with the plugin too.

However, when I try to do it in my own game's scene, I'm unable to get events for 2 fingers at all. On touching the screen i do get 2 Touch Visualizers and both follow my fingers. But neither manipulation gesture, nor two finger touch gesture gets triggered on them. However, when I do a single finger touch to pan my camera, it happens smoothly.

Can someone please suggest what will I have to do to get multi finger touch working in my scene? I even put the exact same scripts in my scene as in the Camera example scene, but nothing seems to work outside the Camera example.

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